What do you think is the key to your international success?

The key is the fact that we want to keep things simple – from the product to the business model to our internal team – it’s all about being dedicated and efficient as possible without making things unnecessarily complicated. Everything we do is streamlined to provide our partners with the best products and services.

Our titles feature powerful and innovative math, rich graphics, and a truly immersive storyline. All of this, combined with an intuitive UI, allows us to provide our players with bespoke adventures that show them the best of what we have to offer. Our dedication to bringing you the best gameplay experience on the market really shines through in everything we do.

What is the most innovative slot in your catalog so far?

We pay a lot of attention to tradition in our development and research practices because we believe that successful gaming is about striking a careful balance between innovation and tradition.

Of course, we want to introduce a new innovative game to a new audience because it is filled with many next generation players https://tadykeri.com/. Products like Orbs of Atlantis, which have been shortlisted for the SBC Awards, are a great example of this, showing that it’s all about taking something traditional and offering a new innovative twist.

Hot Hot Fruit is one of my favorites if I had to choose, as it showcases our great mathematical models and the thinking used to develop popular products, without the need to introduce graphics or other elements that are very different from the slots. At Habanero, it’s all about taking from what works and staying true to the core discipline of slot gaming, offering exciting new twists on proven ideas.

How do you imagine the future of slot machine games? And what new technologies do you think will shape the iGaming panorama?

For me, gamification will see its biggest expansion in the years to come, and inspiration from video games will be important here. We don’t believe that the next ten years will be purely about innovation because it won’t be able to sustain itself – rather it’s all about building on existing slot principles that everyone loves and offering new versions of slots. same. After all if math, gameplay, and immersive experiences hit the spot, what’s not to love?

Technology also offers many opportunities which we have seen reflected in the momentum gamification has developed in the industry. This affected the recent launch of our updated “Up” tournament and gamification widget, which is sure to please our partners and players alike.

Do you have interesting news for our readers? Maybe about a new special release for Christmas?

We have some great news for the festive period! Habanero will be launching another release in the coming weeks, and on top of that, we’ll be adding to our collection of world-famous celebration-themed slots!

Our holiday-themed slots have proven to be hugely popular throughout the year globally, so we’re excited to add new ones to the mix. This time it’s about New Year’s Eve, stay tuned and stay tuned for the launch news. It’s going to a party to remember!