Understanding How to Play the Most Complete Online 1×2 Football Gambling

After you understand well what 1×2 means, then we will provide a complete explanation to bettors about how to play 1×2 very easily. Of course, on this occasion we also share how to calculate 1×2 gambling wins.

The calculation is enough with the capital multiplied by the odds that you take when betting, because 1 × 2 soccer betting is 3 betting options, so just choose 1 only. For example, if team 1 has odds, namely (1.90), X (2.10) and 2 (1.50).

Below we will provide a complete and correct explanation of how to play 1 × 2 and its calculations to bettors, among others:

1. Betting Option 1 For Odds 1.90

If you place a bet for the home team / 1 then you will get odds of 1.90 when betting, meaning that the staked capital is 100,000 at odds of 1.90.
In the calculation of 1×2 online soccer gambling from a capital of 100,000 for choice 1 at 1.90 odds and winning, the calculated capital is Rp. 100,000 x 1.90 = Rp. 190,000, – including the initial capital (net win is 90,000).

2. Type of Bet X At Odds 2.10

As discussed earlier, it means that the player pasaran taruhan bola chooses the X bet type, which means a draw between teams 1 and 2.
If you place a bet with a capital of Rp. 50.000,- and wins on choice X (tie) for 2.10 odds, so the calculation is 50.000 x 2.10 = 105.000 including capital (win does not include capital, which is 55.000).

3. Betting 2 In Odds 1.50

The final choice in how to play 1×2 is certainly very similar to the previous calculation, namely team 1 and X to draw, the difference is only in the odds section. So if you install team 2 with odds of 1.50 a capital of Rp. 200,000,-.
For the final calculation, you win by using a capital of 200,000 x 1.50 = Rp. 300,000 already includes capital, a net win of 100,000.

In addition, in the 1×2 type of betting, there are also betting options, namely how to play double chance, this type of bet is very similar to 1×2 but the difference is that once you make a bet you will have 2 chances or 2 possibilities to win.

The following are examples of betting from online double chance gambling, including:

– 1X (Home And Draw Team Pairs)
– X2 (Pair Draw And Time Away)
– 12 (Home And Time Away Team Pairs)

It is certain that the double chance will give a greater chance of winning bets than 1×2, but the double chance has very small odds when compared to 1×2.
If you are sure of the choice of the team that will be paired then we recommend to take a 1 × 2 gamble only.

The following is a complete explanation of information about how to play 1×2 properly and correctly so that bettors can easily understand, according to the previous promise, we will share various tips on how to win playing the most powerful 1×2 bet.