Stages of Making 3D Modeling and Its Potential in NFT

Have you ever heard of 3D modeling ? Or are you currently working as a 3D modeller ? Through NFT, you can get additional income by selling 3D modeling works . To find out the mechanism, see the following review!

What is 3D modeling?
3D modeling is a term used to describe the process of making object models using computer graphics. This process doesn’t just turn 2D objects into embossed ones. However, 3D also considers various other aspects such as texture, shape, volume, and of course the size automate trading of the object so that the visualization of the object can approach its original form.

History of 3D modeling
3D modeling techniques were initially only used for scientific purposes. Its users are also limited to professionals who create mathematical models or data analysis. However, the use of 3D then developed when Ivan Sutherland and David Evans opened a technology department at the University of Utah. From that major, Sutherland and Evans discovered many talented talents that prompted them to set up a commercial 3D graphics company.

In modern times like now, the use of 3D graphics is growing. This is because 3D modeling offers a unique experience that other design formats cannot provide. The value of a creation that is made into 3D can also increase, both from an artistic and economic point of view.

The stage of making 3D modeling

Reporting from Markey, here are some steps to produce a 3D model:

Steps 3D Modeling
1. 2D modeling
First of all, you have to create a 2D model. First determine the model you want to print in 3D format. Currently, you can use computer software at a stage that is often referred to as motion capture. One type of software that is often used is Adobe Photoshop.

2. Creating the base model
If you already have a 2D model, start creating the base 3D model. There are three methods you can follow to create the base model: polygons, sub-divisions, and NURBS. Each has its own advantages. The NURBS method, for example, is suitable for making organic models such as human anatomy.

3. Rendering
The next step is rendering which is the final part of modeling. In the rendering stage, all the data that you create in the modeling stage will be processed into an output. Keep in mind, the standard resolution for rendering according to the PAL system is 720 × 576 pixels.

4. Texturing
3D modeling will not be complete without texturing. At this stage, the object is given special characteristics according to its structure. You can provide patterns, color variations, to determine the level of smoothness of the object’s surface.

5. Image and display
Image and display is the last stage in 3D modeling. Do not skip this stage so that the output image of the model you create has good results. In a way, this stage is a correction step to compare the model output with the initial design.

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The potential of 3D modeling in NFT
Well, for you 3D modelers, today there is a new opportunity that allows you to benefit from 3D modeling. The opportunity is called NFT or Non-Fungible Token. Through NFT, you can exhibit your 3D works to the public, even if your work will be known in the international market.
Interestingly, in the NFT world, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism and originality issues. Because, when your work becomes NFT, it will have a special serial number. The serial number acts as an authentication certificate which signifies both ownership and authenticity of the work.
This model of art transaction through NFT has proven its success. One of the most successful art transactions in NFT history was the sale of artist Beeple’s Everydays: The 5000 First Day. The work was sold at a fantastic price, which is around US $ 69 million.

The 5000 First Day
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