7 Ways to Stop Playing Higgs Domino Island Slots

Who does not know this one game, until in the end many cases were found due to this one game. Not long ago we received information that someone committed suicide due to accumulated debt, the incident that occurred in Bojonegoro was nothing but to buy coins, and even then the police tried to minimize similar incidents.

This game can be played as long as it does not make betting elements or trade chips, because the fatwas of several scholars including https://gruppoconciariocmc.com/ those from Nahdlatul Ulama have also emphasized that this game contains an element of gambling because coins are worth the currency to be traded.

However, for those of you who still want to play, please play with enough coins that are provided free every day. On this occasion, Mimin will share tips for those of you who have repeatedly bought chips to stop, here are short tips.

1. Group with friends who do not play slot games.

2. Play a game that has no gambling element.

3. Invite your friends to help you forget this friend.

4. Remembering the family at home.

5. Given that there are still many people who need money more.

7. Draw close to God.

So, those are the tips given by Mimin this time. Hope it is useful.